HVAC Financing – Avoid HVAC Scams

HVAC Financing – Avoid HVAC Scams

HVAC Financing – Avoid HVAC Scams

The heating and cooling industry is riddled with scammers. Arizona residents are particularly at risk because of the sweltering heat.

If a company reaches out to you out of the blue, be wary. Here are the top signs that they are a scammer: 1. They want payment upfront. This is a red flag that should be avoided at all costs, click here now for HVAC.

1. They ask for payment upfront

HVAC financing is a loan that allows homeowners to pay for their new heating and cooling system over time. This makes it easier for people to afford a high-quality system that will save them money on energy bills in the long run.

If an HVAC company reaches out to you with a cold call or online advertisement and asks for payment upfront, it’s probably best not to work with them. This is a common sign of a fly-by-night company that will perform shoddy work or nothing at all and then runs off with your money.

Other options for HVAC financing include credit cards and personal loans. These types of loans usually require an evaluation of a homeowner’s credit score, income level, and debt-to-income ratio to determine their eligibility.

2. They use high-pressure tactics

As baby boomers retire and millennials replace them, it’s essential for HVAC shops to court younger talent. One way to do this is by fostering a company culture that promotes collaboration and efficiency.

Another way is to use an HVAC business software solution that simplifies communication between techs and office staff. By doing this, you can avoid unnecessary phone calls that interrupt the flow of work.

For example, the ServiceTitan dispatch board allows dispatchers to see which techs have jobs, and which ones are available. They can then assign jobs to techs, or make immediate schedule adjustments with a click of a button. When it comes to advertising, you can also connect your Google Ads account with ServiceTitan’s paid Local Services ads, making it easy for new customers to schedule their jobs online. This helps you track the ROI of your ad campaigns and make changes based on real-world data. For example, you can see which ads are converting to jobs, and which ones need improvement.

3. They don’t want to wait for you to get a second opinion

Junky HVAC companies will often use a high-pressure sales tactic to generate more business. This might sound like a good thing at first, but the reality is that they’re more likely to sell you unnecessary services. They also may mislead you about the condition of your system.

A good HVAC technician will start their assessment by thoroughly inspecting the unit. They should be able to explain to you the conditions of your system and the action required in simple terms. If they can’t, it’s a good idea to get a second opinion.

Make sure your techs can focus on the job at hand with field service software that eliminates distracting busywork and helps them stay safe and productive. With ServiceTitan, you can create custom forms for different types of jobs that require checklists or safety precautions to be completed. It’s the only mobile support platform that empowers your techs with live orders from 150k+ Bluon Techs in the field and access to the most comprehensive cross-reference search in the industry.

4. They tell you that you need a part that you don’t

This is another common tactic that junk HVAC companies will use to generate business. They will give you an offer that seems too good to be true and then try to sell you on other services or parts. This isn’t always a bad thing, but it should be a warning sign that they may be trying to scam you.

DistributionNOW carries replacement parts and equipment from top brands including Amana, Goodman, and Trane. We have HVAC replacement controls, thermostats, furnace repair parts, AC motors, and a wide range of other parts for your HVAC system.

The CoolCloud HVAC app allows licensed contractors to connect and communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth with Goodman or Amana premium air handlers and furnaces with ComfortBridge control boards. It also allows them to review historic data and notes from previous contractors who serviced the same unit. The app is free and available to download on Apple, Android, and other devices. This training is designed for field personnel but is open to any licensed contractor.

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